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Scotland’s Adoption Register

New management has been appointed.

New management has been appointed to run Scotland’s Adoption Register following the closure of some of BAAF’s services across the UK including all activities in Scotland.

BAAF had operated the Register – a database to match children and young people with adoptive families – on behalf of the Scottish Government and was used by all Scottish councils.

St Andrew’s Children’s Society will ensure that children are still able to be placed through the register. St. Andrew’s will also launch a new Adoption Advice Line for Scotland in the coming weeks to complement the work of the Register. 

Stephen Small, St. Andrew’s Director, said: “We are happy to respond to a request at very short notice from the Scottish Government to take over the running of Register. We are keen to ensure that there is as little disruption to the operation of the register as possible at this difficult time.  The Register is a valuable way of helping children, who cannot remain with their birth families, to find new families through adoption.”

For sources of information please download Transferral of BAAF services - who to contact (PDF 40KB)

Permanently Progressing? Building secure futures for children in Scotland

On 27th November 2014, BAAF launched the new research study Permanently Progressing?, which will be undertaken by a research team led jointly by Professor Brigid Daniel from University of Stirling and Professor Nina Biehal from University of York. BAAF received a bequest specifically to set up this new research in Scotland, with the intention that it will become a long-term study following up a cohort of children into adolescence and early adulthood. The study is the first of its kind in Scotland and BAAF is delighted to be able to fund such an important study.

As Professor Daniel explains on the BAAF blog: “We are all strong advocates of the need to devote resources to family support services and believe in the principle that children should be brought up within their birth family wherever possible. However, we know from our practice and research experience that, sometimes, the problems birth parents face are just too overwhelming to enable them to be the kind of parents they would like to be. In these cases the children will be looked after by another member of the family or by foster carers. Some of these children may well be able to return home after a time, but others will remain with kinship carers, foster carers or go on to be adopted. We owe it to these children, and to their birth parents, to ensure that they can all experience a good family life and receive the love and support that will allow them to flourish. We believe that this research project will help ensure that this happens”.

The study will focus on children in Scotland who are first accommodated away from home by relatives, carers or adopters before the age of five. Using a mixture of methods including broad brush analysis of statistics and in-depth interviews with carers, adopters, social workers and children, it will explore the experiences and outcomes for these children and identify what helps to ensure stability and security. The initial project will be carried out over three years and the findings will be used to shape recommendations for policy and practice and make sure that the messages get to the people who need to hear them.

For further information, please contact the BAAF Scotland office or visit the project webpage

Adopting A Child in Scotland book launch

At a packed event in The City Chambers, Edinburgh on 06 November 2013, BAAF Scotland launched a new publication, titled Adopting a Child in Scotland. The book, authored by Robert Swift, is the definitive guide to adopting a child in Scotland, but also contains the thoughts and reflections of families involved in adoption. The Minister for Children and Young People, Aileen Campbell also attended and warmly welcomed the publication. Watch a video of highlights below.

New report on quality of adoption in Scotland published by The Care Inspectorate

BAAF is delighted during National Adoption Week to read the report of the Care Inspectorate on the work of adoption agencies in Scotland. The report highlights the excellent work being undertaken across Scotland and describes the many positive and creative ways in which staff and adopters are working together to achieve adoptive placements for some of Scotland's most vulnerable children.

It is reassuring to see the attention and importance attached to this work and very timely! Anyone who responds to the challenge of National Adoption Week to open their home and hearts to a child can be confident that they will be welcomed and will receive a professional and supportive response . BAAF Scotland looks forward to continuing our work supporting our colleagues in agencies across Scotland.

Launch of new film to help recruit adopters in Scotland

BAAF have launched a new film featuring adoptive families from across Scotland to help recruit more adopters The adoptive families have shared their heart-warming stories to inspire people to consider becoming a ‘forever family’ for a child or sibling group who are unable to live with their birth family.

The film, narrated by actress Clare Grogan who is herself an adoptive mum, was made in partnership with the BBC’s Outreach volunteering initiative. It is being made available to all Scottish adoption agencies and local authorities to help with their work recruiting more adopters.


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BAAF Scotland has a unique place in supporting, advising and campaigning for better outcomes for children in care. We work with everyone involved with adoption and fostering across Scotland, providing services to meet the needs of some of the vulnerable and marginalised children.

BAAF Scotland campaigns at both national and local level to achieve policy and legislation which will improve the experience of, and outcomes for all looked after children.

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  • Advice for members of the public on adoption and fostering in Scotland. If you are thinking about Adoption and Fostering in Scotland we can help you.
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  • Consultancy services offering in depth help on individual complex cases, service reviews and team development.
  • In our Resources section are statistics, website and publications specific to Scotland.
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  • Legislation, policy and practice

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