The Commissioning Editor & peer review panel

The Commissioning Editor

The Commissioning Editor of Adoption & Fostering is Roger Bullock, Fellow, Centre for Social Policy Dartington.

Roger has conducted numerous seminal research studies and produced over 100 publications, many of international repute. He has a longstanding commitment to achieving the best outcomes for children and families.

A festschrift published by Wiley in March 2005, Forty years of research, policy and practice in children's services, celebrates Roger's work at the Dartington Social Research Unit.

The Peer Review Panel

All articles submitted for publication are scrutinised by a peer review panel. Members include:

  • Frank Ainsworth, Edith Cowan University, W. Australia
  • Professor Jane Aldgate, The Open University
  • Gunilla Andersson, Adoption Centre, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Hedi Argent, Independent Child Care Consultant
  • Professor Ravinder Barn, University of London
  • Isabelle Brodie, Birkbeck College, University of London
  • David Holmes, Chief Executive of BAAF
  • Harriett Dempster, Social Work Services, Inverness
  • Diana English, Office of Children's Administrative Research, Seattle, USA
  • Julia Feast, BAAF Policy Research and Development Consultant, London
  • Robbie Gilligan, Trinity College, Dublin
  • Professor Harold Grotevant, University of Minnesota
  • Professor Malcolm Hill, Glasgow Centre for the Child & Society
  • Professors David Howe & June Thoburn, University of East Anglia, Norwich
  • Marion Hundleby, Consultant, Nottingham
  • Professor Sonia Jackson, Institute of Education, London
  • Jeanne Kaniuk, Coram Adoption Service, London
  • Greg Kelly, Queen's University, Belfast
  • Derek Kirton, University of Kent at Canterbury
  • Professor Anthony Maluccio, Boston College, USA
  • Mary Mather, BAAF Health Group
  • Jim Richards, Catholic Children's Society, London
  • John Simmonds, Director of Policy, Research & Development, BAAF
  • Professor John Triseliotis, University of Edinburgh
  • Margaret Williams, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Professor Kate Wilson, University of Nottingham