Every child is special

Placing disabled children for permanence

Written by Jennifer Cousins
Price: £9.95
Publisher: BAAF
Publication date: 2006
ISBN: 1 903699 94 0
Every child is special Front Cover
About the book

Like any other child, disabled children who are separated from
their parents need permanent families. As many as 40 per cent of
children needing permanence have an impairment or some form of special
need, but for so long these children have been at the margins of
family placement. Every child is special brings them centre stage
at last.

This Good Practice Guide tracks the converging processes of planning
for a permanent home for disabled children, and recruiting suitable
families. It covers: assessing and communicating with children;
recruiting and assessing families and making links; planning permanence;
profiling and featuring children; and supporting placements. It
examines some of the organisational structures that form the context
of this work and highlights the changes that are necessary if more
disabled children are to have the security of a permanent family.

The guide provides an overview of disabled children 'in need' and
'looked after' and describes current models of disability. It acknowledges
the problem of definitions and terminology and discusses impairment
in terms of language and popular culture. Relevant legal issues
are also briefly explained.

No one who works with children should think that disability is
someone else's issue. This guide is for all childcare workers, children's
disability teams, adoption and fostering teams and adoption support