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By Alexandra Conroy Harris

This book looks at some steps that workers can take to get the most out of going to court – before, during and after the actual hearing. All practitioners who have to go to court or have legal departments will find this book invaluable for quick reference and considered, practical advice, as well as a prompt for further thought and exploration.

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Elaine Dibben
Lyn Bugarski
Nicky Probert

A guide that will help assessing social workers to plan, conduct and complete a comprehensive and evidence-based Child’s Permanence Report.

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Preparing to Adopt is a well-established and highly respected training programme that agencies can use to offer relevant, high quality and comprehensive preparation for people who wish to adopt. This new edition has been revised in the light of a major programme of adoption reform in England, following concerns about delay and consequent changes in the adoption process.

This pack contains 2 copies of the Trainer's Guide and 10 copies of the Applicant’s Workbook.

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Elsbeth Neil
Mary Beek
Emma Ward

This report presents the findings of a longitudinal study that followed up a group of adopted children, their adoptive parents and birth relatives, where some form of post-adoption contact was planned. It presents a strong body of evidence about the impact of open adoption on all those involved, and on how children’s experiences of, and need for, contact change as they grow and develop.

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